How to understand men?

Communication plays a different role in the life of the man and woman. For girls communication process in itself is a pleasure. For guys — only in the way to obtain information. And everything that they hear, perceive as is. In a flowery style constructed phrases and indirect requests don’t find a response in men’s soul. What has more simply constructed the offer, by that high probability of the fact that you will be understood correctly.

The girl who is in the relations with the young man sincerely considers that darling has to read her mind or guess at least her desires. But than stronger the request, the more hints is veiled, it is more difficult to guess to the man what from him is wanted. In this misunderstanding the reason for female disappointment. And the man has a counter reaction — irritation. He feels that we are dissatisfied with him, but can’t understand that he does not and why it is impossible just to tell what from him is required?

So it happened that the man a being logical and nice, but he has got used to speaking shortly and clear, receiving concrete answers to the questions and in a different way just isn’t able. Most well explaining the requirements, you facilitate to him a task and you receive that it is necessary for you.

In the severe world of men, it isn’t accepted to show emotions. The real hero is always in a mask: nobody has to see his real feelings. An ability to maintain a reputation and to hide experiences is a distinctive feature of the strongest half of mankind. The man who has troubles at work is the most closed, laconic and gloomy. Everything that he wants when he has a difficult period in the life that members of the household, together with the beloved have left him alone.

To the woman at this moment different bad thoughts climb in the head, and she begins to think of them. Having touched the worst options of development of the relations, the girl takes offense and retires into oneself, and then at the young man on one headache becomes more.