Looking Presentable For Women

Controlling the way you look, smell and sound during everyday life is vitally important if
you want to appear attractive to women. Your physical appearance, I. E., your face, body
type, etc.

DO NOT matter nearly as much to the female population as the type of clothes you wear, the cologne you use and the shoes you walk in. The reason for this lies in a simple word, a word you’ll hear time and time again when reading about the kind of seduction principles that actually work.

It is control. Women subconsciously place more value in a man that has control over the things around him than a guy who appears to have little to no say over the way he’s perceived or treated. Sure, a guy who got lucky with his genes, who happens to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney (or whoever else is
flavour of the month) is going to get stared at and admired by women. But the man who can earn admiration and respect because of the choices he makes (I. E. how he chooses to present himself in both his appearance and attitude) will always, always, always be given respect by those around him – men and women.

With social value comes personal worth. And it’s personal worth coupled with social value (the fact that men and women respect and look up to your dominant presence) that leads to attraction in the minds of the opposite sex. But remember, this is an Understructure we’re talking about here. Dressing well alone won’t secure you any more female attention than it will the guy down the street. But it is, nevertheless, a
fundamental you need to have in place. Then, and only then, can you create an edge over your competition by using the kind of advanced psychology they’ve never even heard of, let alone actually used to seduce women. Follow the 4 rules of positive appearance below to ensure you have in place the fundamental base I’ve just described.

1. Women are social creatures by their very nature. They look to popular trends and
contemporary public preferences much more than most men. So, give them something to notice and find attractive in the clothes you wear. Look at popular current style magazines for a good idea of what’s considered fashionable and trendy and follow suit yourself. Unless you really want to create a wacky or individual style that could possibly help attract women to you out of curiosity, don’t push the boat out too far. Go for a balance of smart/casual gear with clean lines and only one bright colour per outfit.

2. These days women love telling men what they think they’re doing wrong when it comes to choosing clothes and generally presenting themselves. Something that’s pointed out really frequently by women, especially if you’ve made the mistake of asking, is the kind of shoes you wear. Now, what goes on our feet really doesn’t make any difference in the big scheme of things, but enough women have told enough other women that our footwear is an accurate representation of our personalities, so ironically – it now can make a bit of a difference. So, avoid getting caught out by a girl
(or, more often, the girl you’re hitting on’s loyal friend who’s judging you on her behalf) by wearing clean shoes that match your outfit. It doesn’t matter who they’re made by or how much they cost. A good-looking pair of black shoes is enough to dissuade any picky girl from dismissing you simply based on your choice of footwear.

3. The principles above, of not giving a girl the opportunity to criticize the choices you’ve
made when it comes to presenting yourself, apply to your hair as well. It might sound
dull or obvious, but it’s true. If you don’t want to worry about getting and maintaining a nutty haircut that’ll draw crowds from the next town, just keep it simple and neat. Your real power and influence is in the techniques you’ll use to psychologically and subconsciously create rapport and attraction between yourself and the girl, so avoid putting them off before you have a chance to unleash your array of advanced material by going to the hairdressers when it’s necessary and shaving in whatever way is right to make your face look its very best.