Seduction Tip for Women

When it comes to make up and perfume, less is more. When you’re attracting men, you have to play into what men want, and the vast majority of men prefer a woman who looks naturally beautiful vs. a girl with a bunch of make up caked on her face, long fake eyelashes glued on and bright red lipstick. And no human likes being smothered by perfume!

So go easy on the make up and the hair products and the perfume! Spritz on pulse points (inside of wrists and rub together, side of neck, and spray your hair—IMPORTANT! Hair holds scent longer than skin, so spritzing the hair will get that smell to stay).

Make up should enhance what you have naturally NOT construct something different entirely. Stick with something simple like a BB creme, light mascara, some tinted lip-gloss and that’s it. Obviously if you’re doing a gala or black tie event, and you’re gonna gown it on up, more make up is acceptable. But on a daily basis, just stick with naturals. Always enhance what you have, don’t create a new face. And as for lipstick—-don’t. Those wild and wacky purples and reds, save those for a girl’s night out. Guys just think it’s too much. I can’t tell you how many guys have complained to me: «She’s so pretty, why does she put so much makeup on??» as if I’d know the answer. And also, if you have to glue or sew it on, forget it. There’s nothing worse than having an eyelash fall off during sex or having a guy think you look one way and him waking up to you looking completely different. If anything, start off basic so when, on the rare occasion you DO dress up, you wow him vs. wowing him and then letting him down.

As for hair, keep it simple too. Guys get freaked out by hair extenstions and crazy updos. They love natural, long flowing hair (the longer the better). Don’t crop it short or go for a boyish look, again, on average men really dislike that. Keep your hair smelling fresh and keep it soft, and let it down so he can get lost in it. Men love falling into a woman’s sweet smelling, soft hair.

So to recap: keep everything as natural as possible. I’m a woman so I know that «natural» is a relative term—we pluck and dye and shave a lot of our bodies, but the key here is to keep our overall look natural. Don’t make it seem like you’re made up. Enhance everything you have, but do it subtly. Men love nothing more than to think their woman is just naturally stunning. To know that it’s all fake is a major turn off and let down to guys.

And word to the wise: stay away from plastic surgery. Sure, you might THINK guys want you to have bigger boobs, and that you’ll get further in life with bigger lips, but ask yourself «what type of guys love big fake boobs?» The answer is sleaze balls and porno freaks. You want to date neither. Any guy worth dating or even having sex with will be the type of guy who values authenticity and realness over the size of your bra cup. If you genuinely feel you need a little help, more power to ya, but do it FOR YOU, don’t do it because you think guys will like you more. On average, guys prefer a woman who’s flawed but real vs. an artificial Heidi Montag.

LASTLY—remember, this is part of the game. If you want to seduce and capture a man’s heart, you must play into what he wants. You must be a mirror that you can hold up to him that reflects back what he desires. This is part of the game. Later on, you can be more authentic about who you really are, but the way our society works currently, to capture a guy you must sorta play into what his desires are, just as he will undoubtedly play into yours. Remember, however, who you REALLY are, and never make yourself into someone you aren’t just to get a guy. Sure, for a one night stand, tone down your makeup to get laid. But if you’re talking about long term relationships, you at some point gotta be you. So take this advice with a grain of salt, and apply it to yourself in your own way.

I’m just passing along the information as it comes to me from the general male population. I have access to a general cross section of men most women don’t have access to, and I most certainly ask them these questions. So I am reporting to you on average what a man prefers. Use this information as you see fit, but please ladies never lose who you REALLY are at heart! And if you love make up and over the top sequined outfits by all means wear them! Just know that most men won’t find it too hot but hey that’s what your girlfriends are for! 🙂