The TaoofBadAss – Use These Methods and You’ll Know Exactly How To Score

I’m going to make a big assuming here (lol) that if you’re reading this, you just might want to learn how to find and score hot babes, right? Don’t worry; I’m not for a minute saying that’s a bad thing, that’s exactly the definition of me. In fact, that’s the reason I made this site. So when something comes out that says… THEY have the secret, I’m all about finding out more.

You might be looking for the perfect girl to spend some time with, build a family with, or just a hot babe for the weekend, that’s your call, my job is to let you know what’s best. And to that end, I’m not to recommend something, either yea or nay, unless I put it to the test, find out if it works or it’s just a bunch of hype. The bottom line, anything that will have the ladies flocking my way… and NOT saying, «take a hike bozo», is worth a close look see.

So am I a sex god…, nope, pretty average really and Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt won’t lose any sleep, neither will Ron Jeremy. That said, I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, it’s a secret… (grin) «The Secrets of Seduction» and what I know… you’re going to know.
So what’s my secret? I learned to  understand what women want, and «no», I’m not just talking about in the bedroom (but that part is way cool), I’m speaking of knowing what’s going on in a woman’s head.   To give her… EXACTLY what she is asking for, sometimes before she even asks. I’m not some superhero who can read minds; it’s simply learning to understand how their mind works. You can learn too, interested?

Now let’s take a little time trip back in history… I didn’t always know this stuff, I had to learn. Fact is, I’ve been turned down more times than I can count, I’ve been yelled out, one girl slapped me silly, I’ve called numbers that DID NOT belong to the girl who had given it to me and a whole lot more. I’ve been around the block, I’ve been knocked down, but I never gave up. I’ve spent my time surfing porn (no fault in that), but I don’t have to anymore, cause guess what… the real thing is SO MUCH better. I was always looking out for the one perfect key, the key that would unlock a treasure trove of babes, all willing to cater to my every whim. Yeah I know, sexist, but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do…

So all that said, and knowing that I’m the one who created this site, when something comes on the market like TheTaoOfBadAss, I’m usually contacted and asked to give it a review. But here’s the lowdown, I won’t endorse something unless I’ve tried it, that’s my rule and if they don’t like it, their loss… So when I got wind about Tao, and watched the goldfish video (it’s a hoot) I figured I’d take a look, hey we can all learn something, even it’s wrong, but it wasn’t.

The first thing I’m going to look at is this… is the guy (or company) behind the product legit and do they know what they’re talking about. I mean anyone can create a flashy sales page, but do their methods work, cause the last thing I’d want would be to give something a «Thumbs Up», then have it turn out lame. Not a worry here.

TheTaoOfBadAss isn’t just a dating guide (I’m mean geez, there are a ton of those online), it’s not something you’ll find at the local bookstore and you’ll likely not find it online (even at torrent sites).   Why? Because this is valuable information and it’s worth paying for, and if someone lays down some solid green, they aren’t going to give it away, they’d much rather keep these secrets to themselves, can’t blame them there.

If you’re looking for an ego boost, if you want to understand the female mind (even just a little bit) you need to give this a solid look. If you understand the treasures you’ll learn, the social dynamics involved, the fact you can have girls approaching you, you’ll know this something you have to learn.
So by now you’ll likely know I don’t do reviews everyone else, I’m not going to lay out some boring table of contents and mention a price (boring), I’m going to put my money where my mouth is in just a moment. But in case you can’t wait, check out this video and you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about.
I’m going to guess you’re a savvy guy right, that likely you’ve already heard about The TaoOfBadAss and are simply wanting to learn more about, maybe find out if it’s real or not? It’s real, I’ve read it and I learned a few things I hadn’t thought of.

There’s a ton of things going one when you approach a woman (and yeah it’s covered in the book) but one of the main things is being confident. Understand I didn’t say cocky, but confident, you want them to form the opinion (whether real or imagined) that you are a true bad ass.   Learn that and you are… «good to go». So if you’re sick and tired of being lied to, slapped (ouch), told to «take a hike», or given a wrong number (or if the right number, dumped to voice mail) then you need, absolutely need, to learn the TaoOfBadAss.