The Third Shot of Tequila and The Beautiful Woman

So my buddy was at a neighborhood bar the other night and spy’s this hot babe. Lucky for him he’d read «Secrets of Seduction» and had all the right moves, his patter was tight, body language confident, so up he walks and they strike up a conversation (read flirt session). He’s pumped and walks back in my direction later with a smile on his face and a number in his hand. JACKPOT! At least he feels that way till he makes the phone call a few days later.
The phone rang, but no hot babe answered, instead he got the dreaded voice mail, and if ever there is the opportunity to screw up royal, voice mail is king. He’s smooth, or at least as smooth as possible with no feedback, just electronic silence, but he didn’t get a call back, what went wrong and what’s the next move?

Let’s look at the negative part, not saying that’s what happened, but better to consider the worse case scenario, rather than waste your time on a dead end. Could be she just wasn’t interested and gave you her number as a quick way out of (what she thought was) a bad situation. Scoring in bar is VERY possible, but you will get shot down more than once, it comes with the territory. Think about it… you’re walking in her direction and she’s either «hot to trot» or thinking, «Oh God, here comes another horny guy.» Either way she may choose to give your number (sometime they’ll be phony numbers) knowing she doesn’t have to answer or even return your call. For her it’s low stress, for you it’s a downer. Give it a little time, a few more days, possibly a week then if she doesn’t call, she’s probably not going to.
And if that does happen, then most of us are going to wonder why?
Did I have bad breath?
Say something wrong?
Come on too strong?

Good chance you’ll never know, but if you want to do some digging, Google your name and see what comes up. If she was interested at all after the bar encounter, chances are she Google you, checked you out on Facebook, myspace or wherever. So how do you come across online? Check your profile and see what she saw, that might be all the information you need.

Now here’s one that happens a lot, she’s already involved with someone. What! But she seemed available, all smiles and soft giggles. Sure she was, it might have been girl’s night out and she was just having some fun. Maybe her main guy was out-of-town for a few days but now has returned to rule the roost. Every now and then, you will meet that special someone out on the town, but most of the time it will just be a casual encounter, it might lead to something, might now, but take it with a «grain-of-salt», or shot of tequila, there are plenty more where she came from and if she’s involved (and serious), generally speaking it’s not worth the grief.

And let’s not forget which IS probably the main reason she didn’t return your call; if she was out partying, maybe that 2nd or 3rd shot of Jose Cuervo led to freely giving out her number to one too many guys. No harm, no foul, just move on to the next and don’t take it personal.