What Exactly Is Bad Boy Seduction? Is It About Being A Jerk?

Sounds kind of mysterious, doesn’t it? Kind of edgy, kind of naughty, kind of … jerky?
That’s the impression that a lot of guys have when they hear any advice about being a little more of a bad boy in order to attract and seduce a woman. It doesn’t have to be that way entirely.
Now, depending on who you ask – there is more than one definition of what bad boy seduction really is.
So, to make things clear – I’ll give you mine:
Bad boy seduction is when you just don’t give a f*** about conforming to some stereotype about how you are supposed to act. It’s when you allow yourself to hang loose, be a little bit more aggressive, and a little bit less phony around women.
It’s attractive because it is REAL and it is GENUINE.
It’s really not about being a jerk as much as it is about being yourself, minus the bullshit rules that you’ve probably been told you need to follow in order to attract a woman.
How are those «rules» working our for you?
If you are like most guys – not so good.
Think about where a lot of those rules come from. Do they come from guys who were getting laid all day and all night? Or did they come from family members who you knew were in boring relationships?   Movies that sold bullshit ideas because that’s what the audience wants to see?
Bad boy seduction is about looking at those rules and questioning them. Asking WHY?
Like here’s a rule that’s total bullshit, but most guys believe in it wholeheartedly:
You have to wait 3 days to call a woman.
Where did that rule come from?
For most guys – it came from someone they knew who wasn’t that much better at attracting women they are. And that guy scooped it from a movie from 20 years ago. And before that, it was probably in some book written by some «relationship expert» whose entire list of lays would take up all of two lines or less.
If you want to seduce women like a bad boy – then you need to say screw the rules. (Note: obey the laws of course)
Sometimes the best move that you can make, for example, is to call a woman you met last night at a club the very next day.
Because she isn’t doing anything the next day and that’s the perfect time to advance things with her.
But, if you follow some bullshit rule – you’ll miss out on that opportunity.
There have been plenty of times where I’ve met a woman at a club on a Friday night, called her on Saturday and was waking up next to her Sunday morning.
Those kinds of experiences are AWESOME and they would never have happened if I was following some arbitrary rule made up by someone who probably wasn’t getting much action themselves.
Bad boy seduction is also about being WHO you really are.
I don’t know about you – I consider myself a nice guy – but I’ll be damned if I am going to start doing a woman I’ve just met favors with the hopes that it will get me somewhere.
A lot of guys do that, though.
They’ll meet a woman and within days – they are helping her with all sorts of favors, even loaning her money cause she sucks at budgeting. All because deep down inside,   they are thinking, «This is going to get me laid.»
You know what usually happens?
They don’t get laid. Or if they finally do – it’s after lots and lots of favors, lots and lots of money spent,   and lots and lots of WTF moments.
You don’t have to play that game if you seduce women like a bad boy.
And you know what you’ll get that other guys don’t get so much of?
Her respect. She’ll respect you if you have your own life, if you say No to her every now and again, if you act like a man with a plan and not some guy who doesn’t know what to do next.
If you ask me – Bad boy seduction has nothing to do with being a jerk.
It has everything to do with being real, saying screw the rules,   and actually getting laid.