Rules by which men play you need to know

Not everything is so simple in the world of men. They live with us, love us, but play at the same time by the rules. And to us, girls, it is necessary to know these rules, to understand what game to play and how to win. The more competently you prove in the relations with the beloved, the more points you will earn in the opinion of the elect as his girl, the wife, and mother of future children.


All people are mistaken, but men never. The statistics of “School of hunting” (selection of five thousand men) joyfully tells us that the probability of recognition by the man of the mistake tends to zero. Especially it is relevant if the girls is right. The man, of course, can apologize, but with what pleasure he will dump everything on circumstances. Will tell that he was compelled: “I didn’t want, but it has so turned out”. The most surprising that, most likely he tells the truth, and — to look at the most difficult on this truth with male eyes


The only intention which he at this moment pursues — desperate desire to remain for you the good guy. When the man hasn’t met your expectations, he most of all is afraid to be bad. He also perfectly understands that he is guilty. When the woman constantly points to the man to his misses and remembers old sins, he will begin to meet your worst expectations sooner or later.

As soon as the man was mistaken, and you were right before you inevitably there is a choice: to be right and to argue further the point of view or to be happy and to look at a situation with the man’s eyes. And you will choose the second if you value the relations. As far as you accept his truth while you look at him with belief and admiration in a look — he will seek to correspond to the reflection in the opinion of the beloved.