How to deal with men to build serious relationships

The man at acquaintance doesn’t look for the serious relations. Any attempt to enter a name of the young man in the marriage certificate is perceived by him as an aggressive infringement of his freedom. And the man treats the personal space very jealously. Only after a while, realizing more and more deeply as far as to him it is good with this girl, the man begins to let in her the personal space.

But it is necessary “to develop” the men’s territory so as if you a cat, slowly and accurately moving ahead on soft paws. Once you show claws or to say that you have the right for his space as the man will take a step back or aside at once, reminding that you are only the guest in his house even if also desired.

If you want to marry the man act! A siege, an ambush, and care — here are your trumps on the way to women’s happiness.


All men brag, but everyone does it in own way: someone with the beautiful wife, someone by the new car, and someone by the number of the read books.

When the woman admires the man, he feels special. And at this moment there is a miracle: at the ordinary guy wings behind the back suddenly grow. Now he is a superman and it is ready to kill the villain, in sense, to cope with any problem.

Therefore admiration is what subconsciously is what awaited for and what each representative of a strong half of mankind dreams of. Thirst and the need for admiration is shown in rivalry with friends, in the aspiration to show off to women. He brags and subconsciously waits for approval from outside. Like in the childhood

When you hear any revelations from the man, don’t stop him, don’t try to dispel his illusion of omnipotence. The imagination even if it is far from reality, can become a reality if to allow himself to believe in it.