Erotic massage – professional or home version?

Erotic massage is the modern understanding of the concept of freeing sexual energy, which started in ancient countries of Egypt, India, and etcetera. This concept is popular between common people and professionals. We suggest using our services since on the professional level there are more chances and guarantees to free the sexual energy and start controlling it. Anyway, each person can do it with his or her partner. To start, you need to prepare everything you need to give the right atmosphere:

  • A comfortable temperature in the room (usually massages take place in a warm room)
  • Make the lights comfortable and relaxing (maybe with a help of spaced candles)
  • Eliminate distracting elements – phones and other sources of distraction
  • Carefully prepare the place of the massage. It is best to do it on the floor on a yoga carpet. The place should be comfortable for both partners
  • Do not forget about the smell – since it influences the energy too. The smell should be slightly perceptible. Also, pick the right music. The sound should be subtle, you need the rhythm
  • Erotic massage is done with the help of oils, so prepare the necessary oil in advance.

The reasons why professional massage is better

When making erotic massage at home, it can be fun. However, without the needed knowledge and experience, it is not likely to get the desired level of inspiration and control. Moreover, such massage can even lead to unpleasant feelings. Try SweetSensations – Erotic massage in Paris first, after that you will feel more inspired to provide the home version.

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