How do men see the world?

Gregarious instinct is not a remnant of the past, it still moves modern representatives of the strongest half of mankind and is shown in the men’s aspiration to unite in the company. There are three signs on which men unite in groups.

The first — on the age. People of one age is share memories, their childhood has passed at one time and those of this period will always be close to them.

The second — on interests. The direction of men’s interests can lie in any area.


The third — on the presence of the general enemy. In these groups, the highest level of adrenaline and testosterone and the most intolerant relation to life multiplied most often by a heightened sense of justice.

In each men’s group there are subjects to which boys show the most trembling interest. Sex, sport and/or policy — here that occupies the excited male minds when women are absent nearby.

If that doesn’t suit you that the young man spends too much time in the company, it is possible or to enter his environment and to become a part of a group, or to accept frequent absences with friends as personal space and to quietly go about the own business. It is possible to enter the immediate environment of man, having accepted the following installations:

  • The first —your man is in the cool company.
  • The second — to you it is pleasant the place where they gather.
  • The third —say about the desire to get acquainted and communicate to his friends.
  • The fourth — his friends — your friends!


There is no more defenseless and eager attention of a being, than the sick man. In a conscious infancy (age of three and more years) of your boy have accustomed that if he is sick — it is the center of the Universe. Now a lot of things can be not done, all tiptoe and talk in a whisper.