Long distance love

Love in general is a wonderful feeling for all people. Being in love is one of the most intense experiences we humans have. But today, with a greater number of people travelling, working away and looking to constantly improve, the ability to live a long distance relationship is a fairly common problem.

In each relationship, the circumstances of separation or distance can be varied, but all share the same concern: how can you keep the love, passion and romance if we are separated? A long-distance relationship can be difficult. It is even likely be a long time-weeks, months or years before the couple can be reunited again. But experts (psychologists, sexologists, sociologists) agree that it is possible to survive the time apart and keep alive the flame of love and passion for the other.

If the lovers want to stay together despite the distance, there is much they can do to make the relationship work:

Communication: First, the distance love can survive if they keep the lines of communication open. Arm yourselves a timetable to schedule calls and keep in touch through text messages, email and snail mail. Letters are always romantic. Besides talking about love and how much you love each other, it is important to stay informed on the activities performed each day. In this way, you can accompany the other in your life, if only with feelings, thoughts and words.

Today we have a large number of electronic devices and methods of communication such as instant messaging services that people usually use in their jobs and homes. If the couple both have webcams, you can see each other and chatting in live cam sex chat. They can even play computer games together, just for fun and spend time together online, feeling so close to each other. Love in the Internet age is undoubtedly much more bearable than decades ago. Not to mention the times when the letters were the only form of communication, and had to wait months to reach their destination.

Creativity: Being creative in the way people communicate, is a fun way to keep the romance alive while the lovers are separated. You can use anything from postcards, romantic, sexy or funny photos, to publishing real love letters in forums or blogs. It is always important to seek fun in the emails, faxes and phone calls when greeting your beloved. These are also ways to keep the bond strong. Be creative and show each other how much you think about them. A long-distance relationship can become stronger when creativity is included, enhancing the feeling and the desire to meet again.

Reflection: Every so it is important to talk to the other as to whether both are happy with the relationship, how it has developed, and also communicate how you feel each one with the current situation. Be honest and share feelings. Discuss the expectations of each other, and what you need to tell yourself to feel better and cope with what can be upsetting.

Trust: Trust is essential in a distance relationship. Everyone has to have confidence in each other and in people’s social and working environment of the other, so that the relationship survives. To maintain trust, it is important to inform the partner about what you’re doing. If you have a new hobby, if you have met someone new, if you attended an event, etc. The key is to make the other person (at least virtually) in to your life as much as possible.

Compliments: By telling your partner in every way possible how much you love them, the feeling will remain alive at a distance. Compliments and loving words are always welcome. Remind each other of what, when and how they fell in love with each other, and why they want to be together again. Allow yourself to imagine what the future holds together, buy a house together, how hot your next encounter will be, the children you’ll have, what their names will be, etc.
To overcome a difficult present, there is no better remedy than to imagine a wonderful future together with your loved one.