How I spent time with Brisbane ladies

My name is Sergey [this name, as well as all other names are not real]. I work in one of the national state-owned companies specializing in information and communication technologies (ICT). My position is the Director of business development. I am 31 years old. I speak English fluently and by Russian standards my wage is high. The time I want to tell you about refers to the winter of 2018, more precisely, to the exhibition in Brisbane in the period from 14 to 16 January.

Preparation for the exhibition

As you know, information technology is a field of activity, the projects of which require complex preparation and huge initial costs. The negotiations that should have been held were to convince one of our potential Western investors of the prospects of investing in our project. The task is simple and at the same time almost impossible.

When booking a suite at the Brisbane Mariott Hotel, it was October 10, I shared my concerns with a familiar manager of the travel Agency, whose services our company used more than once. Quite unexpectedly, he offered to meet to use escort services through the business partner.

On the appointed evening in the restaurant ‘Brooklyn Standard’ we held a small casting. From the 6 girls that I selected from the presented photos the day before, I chose two: Olga – blonde of 21 and Katya – brunette of 23. Both girls, to their credit, could speak English sufficiently good. In addition, Olga studied Italian, and Katya could exchange a couple of phrases in French. Both ladies dressed tastefully and, judging by the way they behaved in the restaurant, could talk and behave in public. Both girls we found on the well-known Brisbane escorts website. So we decided to book hotel rooms for them. Olga became ‘an interpreter’, and Kate – a ‘deputy CEO’.


On the evening of January 13-th we were in Brisbane. The girls were studying the documents and getting used to the roles prepared for them. I was truly sorry for them. But they tried to do their best. The fun started on January 14-th and lasted till 16-th. Our stand immediately began to attract attention, and the public diligently pretended to be interested in Russian technology … more than anything else. On the same day there was a meeting which was the reason for our visit to the exhibition.

Enrico Leviano was the head of a small company by Italian standards, on whose investments we counted very much. And I was counting on Olga. Olga was so sweet and innocent creature that Enrico (a man of 35) had to almost persuade her for sex. Of course, she knew quite well her duties and the reason she had come, but, nevertheless, played her part perfect. I let my ‘interpreter’ go to Enrico at his request for help in ‘preparing’ the layout of the contract. Later, I learned from Katya that Olga met with Enrico more than once and during this time, according to Katya, Enrico enriched her by 2500 USD. But I never asked Olga about it. I only advised her not to take photos or videos. She completely coped with her task. The agreement, even for a smaller amount than previously planned, was later agreed and signed in Moscow.

Katya and I from 14-th till 16-th during the free from exhibition time had fun. Usually the girl performed a striptease, and then we played in role-playing games. I have to say, she has a really great body. She has perfect long black hair, breasts, buttocks, pubic hair, and even an elastic hole between her legs. But what I remember most of all is her really smart, cheerful face and the ability to feel what is required of her.